Baby Announcement

I met this stunning couple at friends’ birthday party. Needless to say I really wanted to do some creative photo-shot with them. Who knew we would end up shooting baby announcement! I was so exited when Candice called and said she want to have this type of shoot and asked my guidance on location. I always have some surprise location for my dearest models ( I call all my clients models and friends as they all are stunning in their own amazing and unique way)

Irina Reichert Photography Wedding

I only saw people so in love when photographing weddings … This couple carried their love before during and after their special day.

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perfect couple

2019_05CandiceClg 5.jpg

We had so much fun shooting that day! And the location was absolutely beautiful. Thanks to my super talented interior designer friend who let us use her entire house for this joyful and happy shoot

Irina Reichert Photography

Our hour shoot turned to a few hours of fun

Baby Annoucement Photogaphy

Arn’t they just adorable! Candice came prepared …. She brought about 20 cans of pickles and huge box of donuts! The thing is that they both ate it pretty much at the same time and seemed to totally enjoy it. I heard expression “ We are pregnant” before…. It seems this expression is perfect for them lol. They are absolutly amazing

Pragnancy Photography wilmington nc

Rustic country style house was perfect. We couldn’t find better place for this kind of shoot. Warm, homie feeling …. interior filled with love and style

Children Photographer Wilmington NC

If I could I would keep on sharing images here… But I have to stop. Honestly we had hundreds and hundreds of awesome photos.

Irina Reichert Family Photography

I just could not get enough of them, their personalities and awesomeness!